(1999PDI-XXG-H15-XXXX)2.00mm Pin Header Quadruple Rows Double Insulator Straight Dip Type.(H=1.5)

(2211R-XXG)2.54mm Pin Header Single Row R/A Dip Type.

(2011-XXG-565)0.8mm Board To Board Plug 5.65mm Height.

(2005S-XXG-328)1.00mm Board To Board Socket 3.28mm Height.

(2000P-XXG-240-020)0.5mm Board to Board Plug To Socket Connector

(2412SM-XXG-85-BX)2.50mm PCB Socket Single Row SMD B1(2) Type.

(2199R0-XXG-XX)1.27mm Pin Header Double Rows R/A Dip Type.


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