LED Connector


Home Lighting Fixtures and Ballasts.


M Series Connector

M5 to M20 series

A, B, D and X Coding

All common pin configurations available up to 14 pins

Transmission up to 10 Gbps

M Series Waterproof Cable

IP67/ IP68 

Screw/ Hook type locking available

UV resistant cable for outdoor applications

USB Type-C Series

Various soldering and mounting options available

Transmission up to 10 Gbps and power transmission (USB PD) capability of 100w

High mating cycles of up to 10,000 cycles

USB Standard Series

USB and Mini USB

Various types, orientations, terminations

2.0 options available

High mating cycles of up to 10,000 cycles

Pin Header Series

1.00mm to 2.54mm pitch

Available in various post heights 

Termination: Surface Mount, Through-hole, Pressfit

Wire To Wire Series

2.00mm to 10.00mm pitch 

Current rating from 1A to 48A 

10 to 32 AWG Teflon® or PVC cable 

Cable assembly as per customer specification 

Machine Pin Series

1.00mm to 2.54mm pitch

Single/ Dual row design

Termination: Through-hole

Insert Mold Technology

Highly customizable options available

Highly automated process controlto ensure quality 

IP67/ IP68 

Rugged options available for harsh environment

Wire Harness & Molding Cable Assemblies

Highly customizable lengths and designs

Design engineering and simplification available 

Power only and combination signal/power systems

Designed and tested for harsh environment