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0.50mm FPC Double Contact Type 1226-XX-10-H28-TR

  • Model:1226-XX-10-H28-TR
  Mating part   0.50mm FPC
  Current rating   0.5A AC / DC
  Voltage rating   50V AC / DC
  Contact resistance   100m ohm. max.
  Insulation resistance   500M ohm. Min.
  Withstand voltage   150V AC for one minute
  Operating temperature    -55°C ~ +105°C
  Material plating  
1. Insulator: High Temperature Plastic(UL94V-0)
2. Insulator Color: Black
3. Terminal: Phosphor Bronze
4. Plated: Selective Gold
5. Solder Pad: Phosphor Bronze
6. Plated: Matte Tin
    Inquiry Datasheet
    ■ Just insert the FPC / FFC without opening the lock lever before inserting.
    ■ One Action Lock improves workability.
    ■ Independent spring with two-point contact design for high contact reliability.
    ■ Easy FPC insertion and high retention force.
    ■ FPC / FFC mating state can be confirmed.
    ■ Mobile phones
    ■ Laptop
    ■ Flat Screen Television
    ■ LCD Monitor
    ■ Digital Cameras

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